Archana recites her poems at various events across America. Here are a few videos of her poetry and performances. Next List..

    All audio poems can be heard from this webpage
Naukri Ki Tokeri

Archana recited a poem "naukri ki tokri', a comedy depicting her experiences with the many jobs she tried, as an immigrant woman trying to balance her job and family.
2 Matrimony-

Archana depicts the issues for an Indo-American while looking out for a 'better half'. How the expectations and realities differ ! The poem endeavors to see the issue from 3 perspectives- a senior person trying to matchmake for his children, a young MEB (most eligible bachelor ) man and a single professional lady.
3 Jhansi ki Rani -

Archana recites poem "Jhansi Ki Rani Lakhsmibai", written by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, in the 5th Annual Mela - organised by the Indo-American Desh Bhagat Foundation of Bay Area, on Oct 14, 2007.
4 Hindi -

Archana recites her poem "Hindi" depicting the importance of teaching our languages and culture to our children in the U.S. Also shown in the recording are three kavi samrats of India- Arun Geminiji, Mahendra Ajnabeeji and Aash Kiran Atalji.
5 America -
Archana recites passionately about her emotions when she had just arrived in U.S and used to miss 'home'....She still feels it.Do you?


Archana recites "Ganga" - a poem that compares the life of an Indian woman with that of the river Ganga. Original author of this poem is not known(If you are aware, plz do let us know so that we can give appropriate credit to the poet).

7 Rakhi -

Archana sings her poem "Rakhi"; dedicated to bhaiya-bhabi this Rakhi. performed at ICC, Aug1 2008. Based on tunes of 'bheegey hont tere'.
8 Rang Kam-

Archana recites her poem "Rang Kam" at the Hoover Theater, San Jose on May 14, 2011. She puns on how the world prefers the fair complexion as compared to the dark color tone, esp. for a girl. Presented in a humorous way, this poem is a satire on a deep rooted human psychology. To enhance the clarity of the recitation, all extra voices, applause and audience background noise have been removed.
9 Hasya kavi aur chutkule -
Archana recites her poem "Kavi sammelan aur chutkule" at a cultural event held at Hindu Temple, bay area. This poem suggests how some poets tend to present more jokes than poetry at kavi sammelans to appeal to the mass. We, as poets should try to make a balance of fun and literary values of the poems. This poem is a generic observation and does not imply to any specific person or event.
10 Philadelphia Kavi sammelan -
Archana recites 3 poems Valentine Day, Hindi and America in Philadelphia Kavi Sammelan on March 14, 2009.
11 Bande mein Hai Dum-
Archana recites her poem "Pratham Jan Andolan" at the Vishwa Hindi Jyoti convention on Aug 19, 2012. This poem is a tribute to the people fighting against corruption in India.
12 Koi India se jab Aaye-
Reality check for all immigrants planning to Go West.Also, reinforces the confidence that Indo-Americans gets after they become pakka pravasi...