Archana hosts a radio show named "Main Shayar To Nahi" on 1550AM RadioZindagi. Here are some of the special edition recordings.

No. Show Theme Description
1 ALANKAR special Learn about a few popular "Alankar" of Hindi language- Rupak, Yamak, Atishyokti, Anupras etc with the sample Bollywood Hit Song.
2. Ghazal Special Learn about a few popular LAFZ used in Ghazals and enjoy a few melodious Ghazals.
3. Anamika Learn about a woman who lives life on her own terms, inpite of "everything..."
4. Election Special Learn about the various props debated in the Election with great Bollywood songs !
5. Veterans-Fouzi Special Nov 11- Veterans day,A salaami to all our brave soldiers, Remembering our fouzi bhai!